What if a non-admin tries to activate my school’s donations? – VNN SportsHub Help App

What if a non-admin tries to activate my schools donations?

March 2023


Our system is designed to be simple and secure. It is all tied to the administrators you have on your school account with rSchoolToday and has built in redundancies to ensure that only administrators can activate your page, and that all administrators are aware of actions taken in the activation process.

In the activation process (which starts at finance.getvnn.com or finance.{schoolurl.com}), those who would like to activate a donation page must fill out a form, which is then checked with your schools administrator accounts. If there is no match, the page does not activate, but is set to activate pending. At the same time, an email notification is sent to those who are administrators which includes the details of the person who filled out the form. You, as an admin, can decide to activate page, ignore it (the page stays inactive), or use the information in the form to contact the person.

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