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My school cant accept donations. How can I removeour school

from the activation list?

March 2023


If you cant accept donations, we get it! There isnt one-size-fits-all approach to something like this. Email us at and our team can lock your activate donations page.

There are two options for you:
We can lock your activations page, and replace the text with information about where fans should go to donate to your programs. This way, you are still taking advantage of the online capabilities we are offering, but still complying with the process at your school, district, or conference. For instance:
Thanks for visiting our page! East Hollywood High School is unable to accept donations online. To donate, please call our athletic department at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

We can also remove your school from the school selector list entirely.

Let us know what youd like to do, and well be happy to help.

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