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Who is SquadLocker and how are they affiliated with rSchoolToday?

March 2023


SquadLocker is a custom-apparel company who has partnered with rSchoolToday to help our schools create, merchandise, and market online spiritwear stores.

As part of our partnership, SquadLocker is helping us making it simple for our school partners to sell spiritwear online, direct to fans, with no order windows. Additionally, they are helping us do all this in an inclusive way that creates the same apparel opportunities for the basketball team as the chess club, swim team, Rocket League eSports Team or french film club. If your school has a program, they can support it, which is one major reason why we selected them to be our spiritwear partner.

SquadLocker has generously offered to create shops for all the programs at schools utilizing SportsHub so our partner schools can hit the ground running if they do not have a spiritwear provider, or one that doesnt provide for a schools needs. See our launch plan (part of this FAQ) for more details.

Additionally, rSchoolToday has negotiated a revenue-sharing agreement with SquadLocker based on net sales. Our team is incentivized to help you provide solutions for your fans. We suggest you set up a fundraising percentage within SquadLocker so your school earns revenue as fans purchase too. Our approach only works if we all win together – services AND revenue.

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