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What are the benefits of using SquadLocker instead of another spiritwear provider?

March 2023


There are several reasons we like Squad Locker. Here is a short-list:

Inclusive Approach – We work with schools first, and our technology aims to level the playing field for teams and activities, ensuring that any group at your school has an equal opportunity to promote themselves with our software platform. Squad Lockers unique approach to custom-printing allows for the same in spiritwear. All activities and sports can have stores through their service at no extra cost, and provide inclusive options for your community to show their support of whatever it is they are interested in under your schools brand umbrella.

Fundraising Features – We have made no secret of our goal to help our partner schools never worry about a budget again. Squad Locker software allows schools to set fundraising percentages inside their shops, and earn money as fans purchase apparel.

24/7/365 Availability – As a digital company, we know that outages on your schools platform, even at 2am, can cause someone to miss something. Many other spiritwear providers force strict order windows on their schools even while ordering online. Squad Locker shops never close.

Artwork Services and Support – The majority of our school partners dont have graphic designers on staff, or an agency who will create a five-star branding package for them. Squad Locker has made it a point to fill out their artwork department so they can do just that for their customers – not only ensuring that the spiritwear and apparel looks great, but that the school has a branding package that makes them proud.

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