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Uploading Photos & Logos to your BoxOut Team

November 2022


Once you’ve added a Template to a Team Page an UPLOADS tab will display on the left-hand side. Clicking on UPLOADS will give you the opportunity to upload your photos, etc.

But I don’t see an Uploads tab!?…

Note that you must add a template first before uploading any photos, videos or logos.

You can upload content by either clicking the SELECT PHOTOS TO UPLOAD button in the top right-hand corner or you can simply DRAG & DROP a photo, or multiple photos straight in from your desktop.

If you are wanting to upload a team logo please make sure it is a .png file. You can upload your team logo or sponsor logos within the GRAPHICS tab located at the top of the UPLOADS page. This helps keep all of your uploads organized.

You can also create individual folders for each section of uploads, to help you organize.

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