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Managing Users and Permissions on your BoxOut Account

November 2022


Within BoxOut, there are two types of users you can add to your organization:AdministratorsandTeam-Only Users.


  • Add and manage all teams
  • Add and manage users for the organization and each team
  • Add templates to team pages
  • Manage and limit colors allowed in graphics
  • Link social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Manage subscription settings

Team-Only Users

  • Can only access teams specified by administrators
  • Can only create graphics from templates added by administrators
  • Can only select from colors set by administrators
  • Can share to social media accounts set up by administrators

To set up users, in the lower left-hand corner where you’re logged in you will click on an icon that has three, gray horizontal lines and choose ORG SETTINGS.

Then at the top left, you’ll see a tab named ADMINS & USERS. From here there’s anADD A USER button located in the top right corner. Clicking this gives you the opportunity to enter that individual’s email address. You can then select to make them an ADMINor aTEAM-ONLY USERto one or more teams.

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