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How to remove a page/custom link from a Menu

November 2022


Follow these steps to remove a page or custom link from a Menu:

1. Login to your athletic website using the admin login button that you see in the upper right hand corner of your home page.


2. Now to remove a page/link from a menu on your more tab, you need to go to your ‘Menus‘ so hover over the appearance tab that sits on the far left hand side of the screen and click on ‘Menus’

3. Once you are in Menus, find where it states ‘Select a menu to edit‘ and select the Menu you are trying to remove a page/custom link from.

4. Once you have found your Menu, hit the ‘Select‘ button next to it. the page will re-load and you should now see your menu structure that shows all of the pages/custom links that have been assigned to this menu.


5. To remove a page/custom link from the Menu, find it in the list, and click on the small black triangle next to it to expand your editing options. Now click on the red ‘Remove‘ button and you will see it disappear from your menu structure.


6. After making any changes, make sure you hit the ‘Save menu‘ button before leaving your page.

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