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How to add a link to another site under your More tab

November 2022



Adding a link to another site under your ‘More‘ tab is simple, follow the steps below to learn how.

*Make sure you are logged into your athletic website! Once you are logged in, youll be at your sportshub dashboard*

Step 1: Hover over Appearance on your left sidebar, and select Menus.

Step 2: This is where you will manage your Team menus as well as the ‘More‘ tab on your home page. Look for the box that is labeled ‘Select a menu to Edit‘ and click on the drop down menu, this will open a list of all of your teams AND any menus that have been created under your More tab. Find the Menu you want your link to sit under, and select it then hit the grey ‘Select’ button just to the right of the drop down.

If you reach this step and realize you do not have a menu created under your ‘More‘ tab yet, look to the right of where it reads ‘select a menu to edit’ and his the blue ‘Create a new menu‘ button.


Step 3: Once you have selected your menu, you’ll see the page has updated and now displays the menu Structure. To add items to your menu, look just to left of the menu structure, scroll down and click on ‘custom links’ to expand your options.

Step 4: Now, in the URL box go ahead and erase what is in there, and then paste the URL you are trying to link to. Then in ‘Link Text‘ type in the label for the link that you want to display on your site. After you have filled in both slots, hit the grey add to menu button.

Step 5: Once you see your new item appear under the Menu Structure, make sure to click the blue Save Menu button before leaving the page.


Now your link has been added to your ‘More‘ tab! Refresh your site and you should be able to see it listed.

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