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Creating a Recap Post

November 2022


To create a Recap post for a past event, Login to your account at and go to Pressbox!

Step 1:From your Dashboard, click on the‘Go to Pressbox’Widget.

Step 2:On the homepage of Pressbox you will see your sporting events for the week. To post for an event that has already happened, click on‘+ new post’to the right of the event.

Step 3:Your Team names should already be filled in correctly, now you just need to add the Overall scores!

Step 4:Next, you can fill in your Box Scores & add overtime, although it is not required to create the post.

Step 5:The next step is to add a Post Title! Feel free to use the example that is provided if you cannot think of one. A Title is required to publish your event recap.

Step 6:The Next step is to add a Recap for the game! It can be as simple or complex as you would like! For Meet sports, schools will often breakdown the individual Scores & times that occurred during a meet in the content box.A recap is required to publish your event post.

Step 7:The Final Step is to add your attachments!

Featured Image:You can set a featured image for the pressbox post by clicking on the photo icon underneath the content box. This image is what will be displayed when your post goes out on your athletic site, and social media. If you do not have a featured image to use, no worries, pressbox will automatically use your school logo!

Documents:If you need to attach a document, such as team stats, to your pressbox post, you can do that by clicking on the paperclip icon. Keep in mind that these files will only be sent out to your team/media contacts, and will not appear on the post when it goes live on your athletic site and social media.

Adding an attachment is not required to publish your event post.

When you are finished adding to your post, click on the ‘Save Edits’ button. Now that you have saved your post, you can leave this page if you are not ready to publish the post just yet! When you are ready to publish the post, after hitting ‘save edits’ button, scroll down and hit the ‘Post & Share’ button for it to go live!

Pro Tip: If you do not want your post to get sent to your team and/or school contacts, be sure to check the box next to ‘Dont send this report to the media.’

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