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Can I pause the donations feature once its activated?

March 2023


Yes, you can. Pausing your donations feature can be done for a set for a period of time, or indefinitely. Pausing your donations feature means that the page is locked, and no new donations will be able to be made to your school through the feature. We will replace the donations form with text that you can customize. For instance:
Thanks for visiting our page! Our school is asking fans to donate this month through the Blue and Silver Drive taking place with our booster club. To donate, contact our athletic department at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

To pause your donations feature, email us at, and we will help.

If you are pausing your donations feature, and there are outstanding donations in your account, our team will check with you to confirm with you how you would like to deal with them. We can leave the donations in your account and disburse according to the typical disbursement schedule, or we can refund the donations to your donors.

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