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AD View

November 2022


Log into Pressbox as an Athletic Director (AD) and youll get a chance to check out the AD view. With this view, youll be able to understand what is happening today, plan for what’s happening tomorrow, and monitor your entire program from a home page thats all your own.

The home page dashboard shows all the events happening for your school this week.


Weekly View: Your admin page will show all sporting events that are happening each week.

You can toggle between weeks using the < > arrows

Single Team View: To view the schedule and game reports for a specific team you can select a team in the ‘All teams’ dropdown.

Past Posts: You can view all of your submitted posts in the ‘past posts’ section found on the left hand toolbar.

Contacts: You can view/edit or add new school and team contacts in the contacts section which can also be found in the left hand toolbar.

School Contacts: Can only be added by Admins, Usually reserved for Media outlets, or anyone reporting on your schools athletic department.

Team Contacts: Can be added by AD’s & Coaches, Usually reserved for Recruiters interested in specific teams/athletes.

Settings: Allows you to toggle between schools you have AD Access to, as well as the different teams you might be a coach for. You can also reach your profile, change your password, and reach the help center from this drop down menu.

Pressbox Logo: Will take you back to the home page of Pressbox when you click on it.

Switcher: Gives you access to other products in our suite like Scheduler, SportsHub Alerts and Teammate.

View Site + Live Chat: When you click on the ‘view site’ button you will be taken to the front end of your athletic website. When you click on the ‘live chat’ button, you will be connected with a live support staff who can answer any questions or concerns you might have!

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