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How do I cash out my donations?

March 2023


There are both automatic and manual ways for you to cash out your donation disbursements through the donations feature.

Automatic – If your school has an account balance of $50 or above, every month, our accounting team will mail a check to your school which will include the donations that have come in through the donations feature. The check will be sent to the address we have on file for payments, to the attention of the athletic department. It will include a memo that itemizes the teams and activities for whom the donations were made to for easy deposit.

Manual – If you would like us to send a check to your school sooner than the monthly automatic payment, were happy to do so. Email us at, and well coordinate with our accounting department to get a check for your balance sent your way. This will be available only if your school has an account balance of $50 or above.

In the future, we plan to add the ability for your school to set up electronic payments, which will allow for deposits made directly from our app to your schools bank account, whenever youd like through a Finance Manager addition. However, this has not launched yet – we will be updating this article when it does, and sending out communication to let you know when this is available, as well as information about which user roles will be able to cash out donations for your school and how to set the correct permissions for them as an administrator.

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