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What is the rewards program?

March 2023


The rewards program is a way donations engine can help incentivize prospective donors by using the you give – you get approach to fundraising. Specifically, a donor can receive a reward for donating. The rewards vary in value, and are able to be selected if the fans donation is at a certain level. For instance, a $100 donation would allow the fan to select any reward available at or below the $100 donation level, but not rewards available at the $250 level.

This approach helps incentivize donors by both giving them something for donating and allowing for the creation of novelty in the process of donation, which incentivizes multiple donations from an individual donor over time. Think of as selling cookie dough as a means to get someone to donate. In this case, were doing the cookie dough fundraiser for you.

It’s important to note that a user can also decide not to select any reward in the process of donating to your school if they so choose.

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