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Uploading your Rosters from RMA to your SportsHub site

November 2022


If you are using RMA – Register my Athlete – for all of your team rosters, follow this tutorial to learn the process of exporting your rosters from RMA and uploading them to your SportsHub site!

Step 1:Once you have completed your team roster in RMA, Hover over the‘Print Roster’button and click on the ‘Export VNN Roster’ button.

Step 2: The Roster will automatically download to your computer and be stored in the downloads section of your computer!


Step 3:Now open up a new tab and login to your account at getvnn.com!

Step 4: Once you are logged into your dashboard, find the Teammate/ Team managementwidget and click on it.

Step 5:Find the Team you are trying to add a roster to, click on it, then click on the blue‘Edit Roster’button.

Step 6:Now you are given two options,‘Single Athlete’or‘Import Excel File’Click on the‘Import Excel file’button.

Step 7:Now scroll down, and click on the‘Choose Excel File’button. Proceed to find the roster file on your computer and then click‘Import Roster’.

Your Roster is now uploaded for your team!

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