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Upload Schedule Via Excel File

November 2022


Updating schedules via Excel File

Step 1: Login to getvnn.com
Step 2: Click on “Sync Schedules

If you have another scheduling source, i.e Roeing, rSchooltoday, Rank One, etc please contact your AD to update your schedule.

Step 3: Select the season and the team you want to add a schedule for and click schedule.

Step 4: Click Import Excel file.

Step 5: Choose VNN as your format.

Step 6: In “Step 2” download the VNN template.

Step 7: Open the downloaded file and complete the following fields (Fields are not required):

Event Date i.e 5/30/16
Event Time i.e 7:00 pm
Event Title: This title will only appear for event sports (like golf, tennis, etc)
Opponents i.e Greenwood (for more than one opponent, separate with a comma)
Is Conference?: Yes or No
Home/Away: Type Home or Away, if the field is left blank it will automatically default to away
Location Name: Name of school or location where your event is taking place
Location Address: Street Address
Location City
Location State
Location Zip

Step 8: Save the Excel spreadsheet. We recommend saving the file to your desktop so it is easier to find.


Step 9: Navigate back to the Scheduler website and upload the excel file in “Step 3“.

Step 10: Click Import Schedule.

Note: Your schedule will fully load after a few minutes.


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