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How to Insert a Photo or File into a Post

November 2022


If you are working on a Post and would like to add images or PDF documents, follow these steps!

Find your post, and click edit to begin making changes!

Step 1:Click on the‘Add media’button

Step 2:If you are trying to upload a file directly from your computer,Choose the ‘Upload files’tab and follow the prompts, if the file has already been uploaded into the media library, select it from the files you see in the‘Media library’tab then click the‘Insert into post’ button in the lower right-hand corner. Click “Update” to save changes.

For images

Once you insert the photo, it will probably need to be resized! Click on the image and drag one of the corner arrows to size the photo appropriately. It may appear blurry once expanded but once the post is published, it will appear clearly on your athletic site.

For Documents

Once you insert the document, it will appear as a link that opens in a separatetab so that the viewer made download and/or print the file!

To change the name of the linked document in your post:

Step 1:Click on the link

Step 2:Click on the Pencil icon, then the gear icon

Step 3:In this popup, you can change the link label or the link URL. To change the label, find the box labeled‘Link Text’and change it to what you would like it to say.

Step 4:Press enter, then update your post if it has already been published!

Note: If you would like a pdf or word document to appear completely in the post without linking to another tab, you must save the file as a JPEG.

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