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How to add a video to a post or a page!

November 2022


Currently, the only way to add a video to a post or a page on your site is through embed codes. This means your video must first be uploaded to a sharing service that provides an embed code such as Youtube or Vimeo!

Follow the steps below to learn how to share your video from Youtube!

Step 1:Log in to your athletic site, and go to All posts (or pages if you are creating a page), once in Posts you caneitheredit the post you would like to add a video to or click the Add new button and create a new post.

Step 2:Now, to get the video in your post or page, navigate to YouTube where your video is located.

Step 3:Once you are viewing the video, copy the URL at the top of the webpage on your browser.

Step 4:Now that you have the URL copied, go to this website –Code generator

Step 5: Paste the URL you copied previously into the URL slot at the top of the codegena website.

Step 6:Scroll down and turn on the slider for ‘Responsive Video Player‘ then scroll down further and click ‘Generate code‘. Your code will now appear underneath the generate code button, copy the entire embed code that displays in the red box.

Step 7:Navigate back to your website Post/Page, and in the content box, click on the tab that reads as‘text’at the top of the content box, right click and‘Paste’the code that we copied from Codegena.

Step 8:Click back to the‘Visual’ tab and Your video will then load and appear in your content box. Sometimes you might see a ‘Created by codegena‘ link under your video in the content box, to remove this just erase it as you would any regular text.

Step 9:Make sure you hit the blue ‘Update’or ‘Publish’button prior to exiting out of the page in order for you updates to save!

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