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How to add a Schedule to an Activities page

November 2022

At the moment, VNN is unable to add schedules through VNN Scheduler for Activities! In the meantime, we recommend creating JPEG documents of your teams schedule and uploading it to the‘Team photo’section! You can also add any coach information or links to external secondary sites in the Team info section for your Activity!

Here is a short example tutorial of a way that you could add a Schedule to your Teams Page!

Step 1:Create your Teams Schedule using Word or Google Docs then save as PDF.


Step 2:Once saved, convert the file to a JPEG. This process varies for every computer model & System. The provided example is showing you how to do this on an apple product, but you should be able to achieve the same objective on any device, try googling the process for your computer system and you should be able to find a tutorial!


Step 3:Once the file has been converted to a JPEG you can now upload it to your Teams home page. To do this go to and login. Then click onGo to Teammate/Team Management.Find your team and click on the blueCustomize Team Page’button.

Step 4:Scroll down to the‘Add Photo to Team Page’Section and click on the blue‘Choose File’ button to find the JPEG document that we converted at the start of this tutorial.

Step 5:At this point you can also add in any other important information such as your name & contact information, links to external secondary websites, and where to meet each day! Add this information in the box labeled‘Customize Text for Team Page’.


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