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Edit an Image

November 2022


If Editing From Media Library:

Step 1:Click on the images in the gallery and select the pencil icon toEdit.

Step 2:Click on the photo you would like to edit, and look under Attachment Details on the right-hand side of this popup screen, selectEdit Image.

To Crop Your Photo:

Step 1:Click on the photo and drag the box around the area you would like to crop

Step 2:Click the crop button(first one on the left).

Step 3:ClickSave

To Rotate Your Photo:

Step 1:Either choose theRotate-ClockwiseorRotate-Counterclockwisebutton (2nd and 3rd one in). Each time you click the button the photo will rotate 90 degrees.

** If you notice that you are unable to rotate your image, try scaling the image by a point or two and then you should see the preview load and you should be able to rotate the image **

Step 2:ClickSave.

Step 1:Select the image you would like to scale, and hit ‘edit image’

Step 2:Enter the pixel dimensions you would like to scale to, and then hit the back button to return to your gallery.


When editing the images on the mobile site, it will only allow you to modify the order of the images.

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