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Adding Players (Roster) to a Team in BoxOut

November 2022


Within the PLUS and PREMIUM Subscriptions, you have the ability to add your roster to each Team Page. To begin adding your roster click on the PLAYERS link in the left menu.

But I don’t see a Players link!?…

Note that before adding your PLAYERS/ROSTER make sure you have added a Template that utilizes the Player/Roster feature. Adding a template that utilizes this feature will ‘unlock’ a PLAYERS tab located on the left-hand side of your page. There’s no use in setting up a roster if none of your selected templates will use that data!

At the top-right corner of the available templates is a small icon. These icons can tell you if a template utilizes the Player (Roster) database. You can hover over these with your cursor to see which features are included within each template.

When on the Players page, there is a button located at the top right corner that says ADD A PLAYER. Here you can type in the necessary information requested. There is also an area to upload a headshot. These headshots can be sized to anything dimensional or square. Our recommendation is 500×500pixels. These mugshots can be either .jpg files or you can cut out the backgrounds in Photoshop and save them as .png. Either works well within BoxOut templates. When completed with the player info and mugshots click CREATE/UPDATE PLAYER.

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