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Adding Opponents to a Team in BoxOut

November 2022


Within the PLUS and PREMIUM Subscriptions, you have the ability to upload opponents through our Library Database.

But I don’t have an Opponents tab!?…

Note thatbeforeadding yourOPPONENTSmake sure you have added a Template that utilize the Opponent database feature. Adding a template that utilizes this feature will ‘unlock’ an OPPONENTS tab located on the left-hand side of your page. There’s no use in setting up opponents if none of your selected templates will use that data!

Within theOPPONENTStab you can click on the button in the top right calledIMPORT FROM LIBRARY. Here you can type in the name of your opponent by school name or mascot in the search bar. Once the opponents’ name appears simply click the+icon where it will place that Opponent within the Import Que. You can then search additional Opponents and once completed, clickIMPORTin the top right-hand corner. This will automatically add in the opponent name, logo, primary/secondary color, mascot name, etc. for you.

If you do not see a school/opponent in our database let us know and we can add it in for you.

You also have the ability toManually Add Opponents. This comes in handy when creating an event (for example: BoxOut Invite, Tri-County Classic, etc.)

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